2017, 15.2hh, Irish Draught /Quarter Horse Mare

Whose in the market for the perfect draft cross?? Meet Sweet Pea!

A 4 yr old ID/QH cross mare standing at 15.2/15.3hh. She’s had 90 days professional training after a few months of cowboy “sacking” out, lots of trail riding and hacking. She is easily jumping right around novice without a peak at anything. Hacks right out on the buckle, is the same horse at home or any of the schooling venues we’ve taken her to. She’s lead other horses into the water or off banks, as she’s so sensible herself. Athletic and scopey enough to get to prelim+, but happy to be bop around the lower levels. Will be cute and competitive on the flat, with 3 easy gaits. An absolute joy to ride, as bomb proof as horses are that are still alive can be. TOP NOTCH brakes, but isn’t the sort of horse for someone looking for a pokey or shuffly trot. She is the sort that goes right to work, but drop her after 10 jumps and walks flat footed on the buckle again. Halts when you pull back on the neck strap, shown here and most of the videos with a young rider. Kind as kind could be, takes all the jokes and laughs every time. Never offended, never mare-ish. Truly the coolest type for someone that wants to stay close to the ground but enjoy all the fun. Keep at home, show her a picture of some grain, and she’ll stay fat as a tick.

Click here for videos.

Priced at $22,000 and will increase when she does Novice in end of April.


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