2015, 16 hh, Irish Sport Horse Gelding

After a year of professional training, this lovely gelding is ready to find his forever person! He’s completed two starter horse trials, coming in 2nd and 3rd, and recently jumped around BN confidently with a young rider pilot! He is confidently schooling BN/some Novice with the young rider and is bold, willing, and a happy go lucky guy with a great jump that’s soft and easy to ride. With three good quality and balanced gaits, he’s currently scoring in the low 30s but with more miles will drop in to the 20s! He’s an absolute saint on the ground, clips, loads, bathes, hacks alone, hacks with friends, hacks with dogs, hacks with cats…. Lives with friends outside, lives alone inside, easy keeper, happy pony. Would love to be a low-level eventer, pony clubber, fox hunter, jumper, pet, trail friend, partner in crime, you name it.

While there’s so very much to love about Irish, he (like the rest of us) has some baggage. He sometimes gets a little worried when people do strange things on top of him or are in too much of a hurry while riding him. No buck, no rear, bolt, just sometimes a bit worried. He likes having a plan, and he enjoys understanding his job. He’s my type ‘A’ personality that doesn’t appreciate chaos in his life. If you’ve ridden a TB and found that a fine sort in the past but looking for a bit thicker easier going type now, he’s perfect.

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Priced at $20,000

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