Shannon would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all of her sponsors for their support. She invites you to click on the logos below to learn more about the products and brands that have helped Infinity Sport Horse become what it is today.

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Fine materials, exacting requirements and technical mastery are the foundations of American Equus’ quality. Our master machinists craft the finest materials to create unique and exceptional equestrian products. American Equus draws inspiration from riders and their horses giving free rein to combine different elements and options to produce a truly custom riding experience.

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When it comes to keeping your four-legged friends happy and healthy, Shannon wants products that are tried and true. Happy Horse is a modern and nimble enterprise that has been built by a team of knowledgeable equestrians with years of experience in the industry.

Shannon is confident that you and your horse will be satisfied with their products because every Happy Horse product has undergone a thorough review by the toughest critics, her horses! Like you, Shannon wants safe, effective products that will keep her horses comfortable so Happy Horse strives to exceed the highest standards in equine care without breaking the bank.

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Heritage Gloves is committed to become the leading brand of equestrian riding gloves in the world. We plan to accomplish our goal through providing the best quality and most innovative riding gloves available.

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Stübben has been connecting riders and horses all over the world since 1894.  From the heart of Europe, the fifth-generation family-owned business develops products that set new standards. They offer high-quality materials that aid high-quality sports performance.

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MK Custom Equine Creations is a small family-run company specialising in
custom creations for the equestrian community! They make custom stall guards, trailer stickers, sponsor banners, bridle guard and so much more.

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As someone who regularly works with young horses at their first show, I can confidently tell you that with Nupafeed Magnesium, my horses are now confident, relaxed and responsive both at home and at different venues. Nupafeed takes the edge off, helps them focus, and be more rideable! I am a huge believer in that for a product to work, the horse has to be able to get it in their system and Nupafeed is easily the most palatable of the magnesium supplements I’ve used over the years!

Promo Code: Riley10

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Metahorse Pre-Workout has helped me take my horses training to the next level. This supplement helps eliminate stress, build muscle, combat feed deficiencies and increase focus.



Medica Veterinary Products use the purity of natural ingredients and the power of medicine to treat and nurture. Their products are formulated by a veterinarian, using expertise the invested horseman can trust.